Original Goat Log (4 oz.)

Original Goat Log (4 oz.)



 La Bonne Vie's Fresh Goat Log has a distinctive tangy flavor from the goat's milk used to make the cheese.  The paste is chalk white and is soft but also sliceable, making it a very versatile cheese with a variety of culinary applications.  La Bonne Vie Goat Logs have an exceptionally clean flavor due to the freshness and premium quality of the milk.  Easy to slice and serve or to use as an ingredient in a wide range of dishes. 

Enjoy La Bonne Vie Goat Logs alone, with crackers, or in scrambled eggs. It also makes a tasty addition to salads especially with fruits and spinach and is good on pizzas as well.


Wine: Sauvignon Blanc

Pasteurized Goat Milk, Cheese Culture, Vegetable Rennet, Salt


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